We are expanding! The Ban Workshop is transforming into the Ban Center. Ban Center aims to create a platform for experimentation around the potential of socially engaged artistic practices and experiment with alternative forms of education through art, with the aim of being effective in and beyond the field of art and craft. Ban relies on the polyphony of voices to create a space for listening and expression, a space for study and sharing knowledge and political thought, and a safe space that allows us to talk about sensitive subjects in relative anonymity. Ban wants to be both a physical and digital space for meeting and practice, offering people who have appropriated it tools and programming that will nourish their own thinking and practice. Towards the creation of the Ban Center, we moved in the month of June 2021 to a venue capable not only of hosting the Ban Workshop but also, AWU the feminist documentation center, the podcast studio Génération Afrotopia, a recurrent program of discussions, conversations and exhibitions, and artistic residencies. Find out more about our new venue.  If you would like to support or inquire about our new endeavour please contact us

Launch October 30, 2021 

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